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Care & Maintenance

Marine Grade Polymer Frame
Avoid teak oil and other products that can stain the finish. Avoid heat sources that exceed 180 degrees F. Only routine cleaning with common detergents is required. Nylon scrub pads and brushes should be used with care because excessive force can mar the finish. For resistant stains, apply bleach and allow it to soak in. Use citrus cleaner, alcohol or mineral spirits to remove grease or oil stains. Automotive silicone spray products or household furniture polish can help to hide scratches in the surface.

Solution Dyed Acrylics, Olefins and Mesh Fabrics Spot wash dirt with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, then air-dry. To clean stubborn stains, in a ventilated area, prepare a mild solution of one cup bleach plus two caps full of a natural soap per gallon of water. Spray the entire area, and scrub vigorously if necessary. You may wish to spray the acrylic and olefin fabrics with Scotchguard after washing. Do not use pine oil cleansers.

PVC/Acrylic Blends
Dirt can be removed with a soapy solution of warm water and Ivory Liquid. Rinse and allow to dry.

Aluminum Frames, including Powder Coat
To keep furniture looking new, use Soft Scrub or similar non-abrasive products to remove scuff marks and scratches. Use lemon oil for protection and natural soap and water for cleaning.

Winter Maintenance
Furniture that will be stored outside or in other cold areas should be drained of any water to avoid ice damage in the tubing.